Is there any girl who doesn’t have a pair of shoes anchored in her memories?

You know, that famous pair on our feet that makes us happy and allows us to walk to the rhythm of a song that evokes emotions.

That’s the challenge facing our creative studio, which is passionate about music, fashion, vintage and, above all, shoes!

RECODS Studio reinterprets the codes of retro design by combining them with our convictions. Timelessness, know-how, well-being and femininity, that’s our promise.

RECODS Studio’s attention to detail, harmonious colors, playful materials and choice of shapes all add that much-appreciated twist that makes our collections stand out.

RECODS Studio is for daring women who want to express their individuality.

Our brand thus offers its community a feminine, creative and unique collection that makes each of them feel joyfully nostalgic.

Born in 2024, RECODS Studio is an emotionally singular brand.