1970, Australia… The era of the backpackers, those for whom travelling is about sharing: their experiences, their stories, their memories… On the outback roads, the first tourists had fun leaving with the road signs, warning of wild animals crossing. In order to remedy the increase in accidents due to the lack of signs, a student, Roger Carthew, commercialized the famous yellow signs in 1985 and opened farms to collect and care for injured animals.

1985, ROADSIGN is born ROADSIGN is an Australian brand of lifestyle and outdoor clothing and accessories for travel and nature lovers. We offer a range of comfortable, quality shoes that allow you to feel comfortable in all circumstances, and to adopt a simple and natural lifestyle. Beyond the products, it is the spirit of our brand and its values that we want to share.

To wear a ROADSIGN shoe is to be initiated to travel, adventure and freedom! Shoe license since 2005.